Friday, March 21, 2008


Its what I've been having lately. I will say that I have been selling on that "other site" and have been twice as successful in a shorter period of time. I love Etsy, but its still growing and in my opinion is starting to get over concentrated with a lot of the same thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the originality of the idea of Etsy and there are some absolutely wonderful original works and pieces listed on Etsy. However, I do think that it is a little too much of 'too many people selling too much of the same thing'. This goes back to my idea of over concentration of the Etsy marketplace. In due time I believe that Etsy will become even more popular and will continue to offer new and innovative services, but it needs to broaden its range soon, because there are other "Etsy-like" sites popping up all over the place. Honestly speaking, when it comes to that "other site" there's no other site that can compete with it. It has monopolized the Internet-auction based selling genre of e-commerce and right now it seems like the place to be.

I'm not the least bit bitter about my experience on Etsy. I've known of sellers that have been on it for a year and still haven't sold and item or had much success. I think anytime we dive into a new venture in life, that we are excited about it and want the absolute best overcome from it. I will remain on Etsy, buying & selling, because I believe in what it stands for- An appreciate of handmade goods, which is definitely something that "other site" doesn't focus on, then again it doesn't have to.

Just sounding off a bit...feel free to comment!


Kerry said...

Curious to know if that "other site" is ebay...people are selling cards there for pennies and it doens't seem like we'd be making any real money there.

Tennsley said...

Yes, that "other site" is Ebay. I have seen some people sale on Ebay for really cheap, however if you've ever looked at their shipping costs, they actually make up for it with that. I price my cards the same if not higher on Ebay as I do Etsy.