Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Next...

That seems to be the road I'm going down. In recent weeks I added invitations and save the date cards to my shop and my mind is constantly going and thinking of more items to add. I know that with the coming of spring and summer that weddings, bridal, and baby showers are all in season. I haven't made many handmade cards lately, however I know I'll be crafting some up this weekend. Honestly, I can crank a set of invites or save the dates in less time than it takes me to make my cards, and that's especially good with finishing up school and all. This weekend will be a pretty hectic one with visiting Mom and getting taxes done, to attending a friend's b-day, partying, and driving back down to school to go to work on Sunday night (we have a major floorset, we're launching a brand new fragrance). I'm really enjoying what I'm doing now and I just hope that people appreciate it in the same way if not more than I do.

Another one of my newest Save the Date creations:

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