Monday, January 21, 2008

What will you be crafting next?

I know since classes have started back for me, that my crafting will probably come to a slight halt. I enjoyed making cards over the holidays, but I'm graduating in May and I'll have to focus on my studies for the rest of the semester.

I will continue to make cards and other crafts, but I will most likely spend my free time stocking up on supplies and organizing them. This will be the best use of my time, because when I get back into the full swing of card making later in the Spring I will have an array of supplies and will be able to make even more impressive cards. Hopefully, these cards will be more sell-worthy than my current cards(still waiting on that first sale).

Don't get me wrong, I will still be making cards, just not as consistently as I'm making them now. I actually plan on extending my crafting to tag-making and other paper crafts also, but I need the time and money to do so.

So I pose the question, what will you be doing now that the holidays are over? Work, school, crafting, saving up for that summer vacation?

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